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We have been organized by people who think human being first, enjoy a challenge and experiencing new paradigm, advance with exact target and responsibility, create new value.

Also, DFOCUS is the place for people with warm thoughts to be grown up with customers, partners and colleagues in global competitiveness environment which demand continual changes and renovation.

Person who thinks people

A person who has worm thought to consider about customers, partners, colleagues and even competitors as well

Person who can enjoy continues change and challenge

A person who can overcome the fear and lead globalization with passion and positive mind

Person who can create change and lead

A person who is a man of ideas and modest person to learn form organization

Person A person who recognize goal and mission to complete target

A person who recognize goal and mission to complete target

Introduce for

Recruiting Sphere

SEM, CRM, BW, DW, OLAP, Data mining, Web programing

· Common condition - A college graduate or more
- A person who fulfilled one's military service or exempt a person from military service
· Preferential treatment - Experienced person about relevant project
- Majors with business, economy, English literature, computation by computer, industrial engineering
- Licensed person

Recruiting procedure

Recruiting Method

· Preparing document - Resume
- Diploma of last school(bachelor record needed in case of master degree)
- Self introduction (essay for 2page of A4 size and project experience focused)
· Sending document Please submit your document with below information - E-mail : hjan@dfocus.net
- TEL. 02) 3452-3900
- FAX. 02)556-1269
- We inform after selecting resume
- Please contact us by e-mail if needed