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Our People

DFocus takes care of its people. We are today a family of more then 100 devoted and highly skilled professionals serving our clients in Asia but also in Europe and the USA. As a team we make the difference in delivering the promised quality, anywhere, on time and on budget. Our team's combined business and technical skills, our team’s experience in a range of industries and technology area's, is a long-term commitment to personal growth for our employees and ultimately our clients.

CEO Message

DFOCUS was founded in 2001 with the vision of providing Business Intelligence Consulting Services to advise and assist clients with Decision making and strategic Direction to maximize their business value and leadership position in their industry. All our consultants are working with dedication and passion at our clients to make DFOCUS a Global Consulting Company which is recognized as a true business partner.

We knew achieving our vision would be a long and difficult journey. We are therefore continuously increasing our competencies and our competitiveness. In this competitive market we value, more than anything, our relationships with our clients and partners very highly.

DFOCUS is looking forward to building an even stronger relationship with our clients as a true business partner.

Johnson Park Deputy CEO

Deputy CEO, Johnson Park heads our Overseas Business division and our Volvo CE account in Europe. He is recognized as a Senior Program Director and valued as a business partner by our clients.

Participated Project

· Volvo Business intelligence - Budget forecast process design
- Product margin management
- Operations KPI cascading
· KT VBM (Value based management) - Valuation model design
- Build solution to establish long term business target based on shareholder's value expectation

Hong Ku Chun Deputy CEO

In his long consulting career Mr. Hong Ku Chun gained a profound expertise in Finance and Accounting and led many successful BI and reporting projects at major Korean companies.

Participated Project

· VOLVO CE HQ : Financial Reporting Tool POC · Korea national oil corporation : expanded ERP for oversea and BI upgrade by applying IFRS · Korea national oil corporation : BI upgrade · KT, KTF : system unification by company merging (SEM) · KT : SEM function improvement · Kyobo insurance : realized securities system Middle Office (KPI, risk management, Compliance and etc) · Hyundai Hysco : BW 2nd phase upgrade · Shinmurim paper : established SEM (CPM, BPS, BW) · SK Telecom : constructed BW 3rd phase · Samsusng electronics : GSDW · Volvo Construction Equipment Korea : BI Self Service · SK Telecom : BW 2nd phase · Samsung electronics America : BW · Volvo Construction Equipment Korea : BW Upgrade · SK Corp. SAP BW 3.0A Implementation · Volvo Korea : BW Implementation Project Phase II · Pusan bank : total revenue management system

WonJae Bae Senior Managing Director

Mr. Wonjae Bae is a highly experienced professional who with his focus on clients’ needs implemented all his projects meeting their expectations. All his high end solutions are pragmatic and he always has “client’s growth is our growth” on his mind.

Participated Project

· VCE CDW construction - Sales & Marketing Dashboard · KT Daily financial information - KT Daily financial information construction · Volvo Business intelligence - Budget forecast process design
- Product margin management
- Operations KPI cascading

Duck In Kang Managing Director

Mr. Duck In Kang who has professional knowledge related virtual service and sincerity is famous with not only pre sales man but also exact consulting. He is always analyzes focusing on strong and weak point of customer and applying suitable system.

Participated Project

· KT e-KMSS additional system and DB improvement - PL(team of architecture)
- H/W architecture designing / Sizing and DB designing / construction management · Established project management and supporting system for enterprise customer - Built up project management process
- PM(project management) · KT unified information system (ICIS) construction - ICIS construction strategy establishment
- Project leader for ICIS INFRA architecture establishment
- Project leader for Billing system establishment

Jeyong Han Managing Director

Mr. Jeyong Han is cloud computing and virtual desktop professional consultant and processing smart working and mobile office construction consulting. Also he has skill to establish actual system model and R&D solution.

Participated Project

· SKT : virtual desktop construction Project · Doosan enterprise : virtual desktop construction Project · Korea national pension service : virtual desktop construction Project · K water : virtual desktop construction Project · Korea exchange bank : virtual desktop construction Project · Hanwha securities : virtual desktop construction Project · Woongjin : virtual desktop construction Project · KT : cloud structure construction consulting · Korea national oil corporation : Zmobile office construction consulting · Korea coast guard : mobile office construction consulting · Cyber Logitech : solution consulting

Dong Woon Lee Managing Director

Mr. Dong Woon Lee has a lot of experience working with major company for BI project and he can define exact requirement which is not defined by customer. Through it, he can suggest customer the best system architecture. He always show up noblesse oblige in front of others.

Participated Project

· SK Group : connected planning data and consolidated accounting data for report of EIS · STA corp : connected KPI to MES, ERP, outside data and Dashboard · Samsung America : War-Room and Contents project · Volvo headquarter in Belgium : all factory and purchasing process for KPI, OLAP Reports project · Samsung electronics : Global ERP Project · SK Energy㈜ : CRM and SAP CRM turning project · Winia : BW project · Samsung electronics Asia pacific I-Check project for service EIS · Samsung electronics (east, west, mid Asia, CIS, mid America) service BW construction project · SSI Corp : BW for OLAP Report project · SK Telecom : BW for efficiency of network investment, management · Samsung electronics : BW project · SKC : BW project · Korea horse racing agency : BW project · SK Corp : FI bonds and dept BW project for oil, chemical, lubricating oil · Amore Pacific : BW Upgrade project · SK Corp : BW project · Hansem kitchen : ERP project · Samsung electronics oversea Corp (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore) R/3 Upgrade Project · Samsung memory : new finance project · Samsung electronics : wireless communication R/3 Upgrade project · Samsung electronics : R/3 Upgrade project

Kwangmoo Lee Managing Director

Mr. Kwangmoo Lee is reliable consultant who has knowledge on SEM, BI and BPM through processing professional consulting for constructing business information structure of local and oversea enterprise. He has good experience to construct business information structure and been regarded as professional consultant by Volvo construction equipment based on remarkable work result.

Participated Project

· Volvo construction equipment in Belgium(HQ) : 4C project · KOTRA : SEM system supervising · KT : SEM development and maintenance project(1st and 2nd phase) · Hyundai Hysco : PCI advanced business information structure construction project · Volvo construction equipment in Belgium(HQ) : Forecasting Project · GS caltex : BPM System project · GS caltex : BPM System master plan establishment project · Samsung securities : advanced business management system project · IBK bank : BSC Project · Amore Pacific BW Upgrade & Remodeling project

Jeong Hwan Lee Director

Mr. Jeong Hwan Lee processes consulting and roll of project manager on virtual desktop project. He has specialty of virtual, HR, payroll and BOM management as well as he takes a position of PM/PMO, analysis, designing and development.

Participated Project

· SKT : SKT VDI solution project · Korea National Oil Corp: Data mining structure and smart office project · KT : KT SBC for enterprise project · KT : SBC expanding to enterprise project · KT : cloud PC(VDI ) project · KT : enterprise IT strategy (KT ISP) project · KT : Year 2006 2nd quarter ERP efficiency and function improvement · KT : Year 2005 KT ERP expanding project · KT : Year 2005 KT ERP stability and maintenance · KT : ABM using and managerial process upgrade · KT : e-KMSS upgrade · KT : System unification for e-HRM realization · KT : Cyber call center upgrade · KT : Distribution information system (ILIS) upgrade · KT : Total salary management system project · KT : International sales system (ITBS) · Hyosung group : personnel productivity, sales management EDI project

Jong Woo Lee Director

Mr. Jong Woo Lee is specialist on strategic enterprise management, ERP and BW. He has been consulting to many of huge enterprise and getting excellent result so far. Smooth and delight of his personality promotes close communication with customer and he can provide fit consulting.

Participated Project

· Korea National Oil Corp: DW upgrade project to connect Purchasing system · Samsung Life : BIS and P/L filed management system project · SK construction : DW upgrade project to connect Purchasing system · Samsung electronics : system analysis platform and designing · Korea National Oil Corp: enterprise CPM/BPS based on SEM · Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd : monitoring system project · CJ : BW upgrade and report function improvement · KT : Daily BIS system project · Samsung electronics middle east Corp : service monitoring system for mid east Asia · Kyobo Life : securities analysis and BW system project Winia : web integration system for SD / MM · Winia : enterprise unified BW system · Samsung Singapore : BW system project · KT : enterprise SEM project · Woongjin : enterprise PI-ERP system project · Dongbu steal : eHR system project · Samsung Logitech : distribution and monitoring system project · Dongbu hanong : enterprise ERP system project · Samsung digital plaza : unified web system for national sales channel · SKC : electronics purchasing system project · LG chem : enterprise ERP system project · OB beer : enterprise ERP system project

Woo Jin Han Director

Director Han is BI, BW professional consultant who has experience to lead oversea project of local enterprise. He always draw up best customer's satisfaction with his wide experience on oversea project so that he could get confidence from customer all the time. He is aiming more higher goal then customer's expectation with strong charisma and expertise.

Participated Project

· Samsung Austin Semiconductor : BI System project · Volvo construction equipment head quarter in Belgium : Global BI/Dashboard project · Maeil : BI Upgrade(system/contents) and EIS project · Mirae Asset : SAP CFM project for Asset management system · Winia : enterprise BW/EIS project · Shinmurim paper : BW/BPS project · FMC Korea : BW project · SK energy : BW system management and addition report development project · CJ indonesia BW/EIS project · CJ BI/EIS system management /Change Management additional development

Jung Hyuck Yang Director

Mr. Jung Hyuck Yang has wide knowledge on management planning and brand new enterprise system as well. Especially, he has profound learning on SAP HANA which is next generation enterprise solution. He has good a long time experience to cover any field whenever customer inquires.

Participated Project

· Volvo construction equipment : global management planning system project · Samsung north America : war room project · SK Energy : BIS 2nd phase upgrade Project · Samsung middle west America service standard monitoring system project · Samsung HQ : GSDW upgrade Project · Volvo construction equipment : CDW Prototyping Project · Volvo construction equipment : 4C Project · SK Energy : CRM Project · SK Energy : BIS upgrade Project · SK Corp : SAP VC Pilot Project · SK Corp : BI 7.0 Upgrade Project · KT : VBM Project · Samsung electronics Asia Pacific i-Check system project Samsung electronics service : RSDW Project · Volvo construction equipment Korea : BW Project · Samsung north America : LSDW upgrade Project · Samsung : RDW Project · Samsung securities : advanced business management system Project · SKC : BW Project · IBK bank : SEM Project · Dongwon securities : Wrap Account System Project