Advanced Analytics

More and more, companies understand that advanced analytics can improve decision making, ultimately increasing sales while reducing cost. Predictive Analytics helps your organization predict with confidence what will happen next so that you can make smarter decisions and improve business outcomes.

Our Consultancy services will enable you to perform statistical and predictive analysis in order to help your organisation make more accurate decisions. By means of Data Mining and Statistical Modeling your activities will evolve from a sense-and-respond orientation to predict-and act capability.

By using In-Memory technology, it will be possible to gain deep insights into large amounts of data, provide real-time access to the data and enable fast analysis and simulation We look at organizations from the inside out to help translate data into meaningful information. We provide integrated predictive modeling processes and architecture, in which you can facilitate continuous enhancement, refinement and maintenance of your analytic models.

Analytics is a hot field today, and more companies than ever are applying the power of analytics across their business. These firms are competing based on analytic innovation, moving up from simple Business Intelligence to the power of predictive analytics.

Predictive analytics encompasses a variety of mathematical techniques that derive insight from data with one clear-cut goal: find the best action for a given situation. While new to many industries, predictive analytics is a proven technology that's been used successfully for decades.

Global companies utilize predictive analytics in many area such as
· Future trend analysis - To create valuable information which will be foundation of business strategy and business scenario. · Retail sales analysis - Correlate sales with weather pattern and decide how much to stock a particular item · Fraud detection application - To track certain factors that define a credit card user’s fraudulent behavior or warranty claims · Quality analysis in the manufacturing process - Predicting when a piece of equipment will fall given the factors that existed when similar equipment failed in the past.

Because making the right business decision, especially when it involves customer behavior, global economy circumstance requires the ability to navigate overwhelming complexity. When considering hundreds or even thousands of factors, and a universe of thousands or millions of customers, people just can’t “connect the dots” to make the ideal decision. Predictive analytics connects the dots scientifically, guiding each decision to greater success.