Business Planning, Simulation and Consolidation

As part of strategic management BPS (Business Planning and Simulation) streamlines your planning process. It will help you understand the effects of various activities on the total strategy and what Decision to make. This is achieved by Advanced Simulation and Scenario Modeling, and Forecasts based on different scenarios (what-if analysis).

Budgeting processes are notorious for their continual changes: new acquisitions, changes in the market, new products, new strategy etc. This requires flexible planning which should be easy to change and owned by the business itself. Consolidation processes are known for their high level of complexity resulting in many adjustments, collaborative actions and iterative cycles, ranging from the source ERP system to the consolidated group. BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation) is a powerful solution to financial consolidation and supports your budgeting and planning processes.

DFOCUS is one of the few consulting companies with deep experience in the most recent version of SAP BPC. Moreover some of our experts are former employees of Outlooksoft (original BPC solution prior to acquisition by SAP).