Strategic Management

From a corporate performance management perspective, the first step of the organization is to define the strategy. Strategy can be defined as the short-term plan to realize the mission and vision. Strategy can best be visualized into a strategy map. It displays the objectives in different perspectives :
Financial perspective:
displaying the long-term shareholder value, the productivity strategy and growth, with mainly financial KPI's

Customer perspective:
displaying the customer value proposition

Internal perspectives:
as seen from operations management and customer management, with innovation-related data relayed to regulatory and social bodies

Growth perspective:
from the perspectives of human capital, information capital and organizational capital
This strategy exercise is a top-down process to be executed, at the organizational level, right down to the business units and departmental levels, all the way to personal objectives. The result of the above strategy maps lead to a set of performance metrics, referred to as performance indicators or Key Performance Indicators (KPI's).

Definition of Balanced Scorecard

Balanced Scorecard Definition of Balanced Scorecard BSC(Balanced Scorecard) is a balanced combination of selected performance indicators carefully based on vision and strategy of organization. The leader can share strategy plan of organization and lead changing organization.

Characteristic of BSC

· Balancing between performance indicators - Balancing between Financial – non financial affair, progress-result, short-long term, in-outside and past-future indicator · Relating to strategy - Focusing on execution of vision and strategy of organization based on deducing from strategy of organization · Communication for strategy - Guiding organization for smooth communication to each other to aim one target

Necessity of introducing BSC

· Articulate - Articulating strategy, implied logic in strategy and consistency of logic · Activate - Activating motivation of staff through effective communication for strategy · Align - Aligning common target by balancing dissimilar activity of different divisions, departments and individuals · Apply - Promoting to change current and further organization and Fulfilling core target of organization(Goal) by applying BSC

Expectation after applying BSC

· Promotion of strategy target achievement - Targeting strategic goal
- Distributing to all staff and aiming to one direction to create result
- Achieving Goal by strategic follow-up after monitoring feedback of business phase and cause of result · Evaluating balanced result - Focused on evaluating financial result only → considering about evaluation of financial – non financial result all
- Managing short term result → managing Short-long term result all · Realizing Business accountability - Providing motivation to staff by showing up what kind of effect they can make on their work.
- Solving one's trouble of responsibility of working result by showing up working connection with other division · Promoting to change organization · Activation of smooth communication - Activating all organization by sharing vision, strategy and all information · Securing Transparency and reliability - Maximizing value of company and investment by suggesting future's value of organization and origin of value creation to investors and relevant persons concerned

Method of realizing BSC

· Direction of consulting for BSC - Targeting strategic goal
- Building up POOL of BSC KPI(Key performance indicator)
- Integrating KPI to long term plan
- Building up operating procedure for creating synergy between divisions
- Balancing quality and quantity of BSC KPI
- Integrating it to next year's business plan
- Cascading of KPI and preparing definition
- Structuring section level of KPI
- Drawing out KPI table and sheet


Definition of Management planning

· Management and simulation - It supports grasping the effect of various available activity extending to total strategy through advanced simulation and scenario modeling and making decision by forecast based on scenario(what-if analysis). · It is starting point of structuring of management planning and leading "Plan-Do-See" - circulation by connecting to control which is final destination. · It is necessity to implement strategic management efficiently. · Role of Plan - Showing up aiming point of company - Describing specific action plan to reach target

Characteristic of Management Planning

· Model of Management simulation decides master system of plan, plan of variable and depth of model to implement purpose of management planning process and reinforces analyzing performance based on establishing simulation model(short-long term, management planning model, total quantity of model, low level VDT) · Rolling Forecasting establishes planning by getting close management planning based on feedback of in-outside circumstance through continuous planning process.

Necessity of introducing management planning

· Defining core value to achieve target of company's value and strategic target to achieve core value can help to recognized all related issues and factors which is relevant to achieving target. · Through unifying core value, you can analysis result of the origin of finance and evaluate effect of unifying values for financing result. · Designing scenario of further developed changing procedure through considering uncertain business circumstance of company and preparing alternatives with flexible action · Asynchronous divided process becomes to real-time cooperating process. · Arranging individual division's target and company's target · Evaluating effect by individual division's processing · Confirming target of top-down working type · Compiling information from extensive information source · Rejecting adjustment and re-work · Rejecting inaccuracy · Integrating information to all division in company

Expectation after applying management planning

· Available to establish strategic direction at point of view of long term and prepare changing management circumstance · Recognizing major issues by CEO based on point of view of strategic operation in right time and establishing amended plan with countermeasure · Balancing overwork while annual business plan establishment and fixing mindset of continuous planning

Consulting direction of management planning system

· Building up enterprise strategic management and operation plan · Establishing rolling forecasting or middle/short term planning managing plan · Defining simulation factor of Interests/inflation/market share and etc · Establishing plan for inhouse developing management planning system based on ERP and packaged solution

Building up management planning system

· Defining architecture of management planning system and enterprise strategic management · Establishing in and out system and I/F plan · Modeling technical data and preparing data flow · Developing Addon program

Based product

· BPC · Establishing in and out system and I/F plan · SEM-BPS

Financial and
Planning consolidation

Definition of Financial and planning consolidation

· Planning system is processed based on consolidation standard because of becoming financial consolidation as major financial statement. Therefore, all relevant system should be unified such as individualized corporation's management planning and simulation to accomplish.

Characteristic of financial / planning consolidation system

· It processes to remove subsidiary dealing, unexecuted budget and make up invested capital setoff. · Required procedure for foreign currency of oversea subsidiary company · Preparing and monitoring plan not only for every business and products but also for plan for every corporation · Establishing rolling forecasting based on consolidation standard · Being based on enterprise performance management and budgeting · Available to manage profitability and consolidated cost

Necessity of introducing financial and planning consolidation

· Holding company or corporate center which is applied IFRS may need information for decision making not only purposed inner managing business but also purposed public announcement to prepare changed business management structure. As well as, recently, company needs overall managing subsidiary management performance as a position of top level(enterprise). Therefore, it is appeared to prepare environment to manage subsidiary.

Expectation after applying financial and planning consolidation system

· Innovation of procedure for consolidated system · Standardization consolidation policy and establishing manual · Establishing global subsidiary dealing management and innovating process · Standardization chart of accounts and application on global · Standardization for Financial accounting and managerial accounting's policy and procedure · Improvement for field cost management and unified global cost(plan and result) · Improvement investment management and processing before-after investment analysis

Consulting direction of financial and planning consolidation system

· Building up management method for oversea corporation and establishing CFO function strategy · Establishing financial consolidation management visioning and master plan · Building up financial consolidation system and master plan · Planning integration system for inhouse development based on ERP and Packaged solution

Building up financial and planning consolidation system architecture

· Defining architecture of financial and planning consolidation · Establishing in and out system and I/F plan · Modeling technical data and preparing data flow · Developing Addon program

Based product