Introduction of BusinessObjects

BusinessObjects(hereinafter BO) solution is referred to platform which can access unified information by BI packaged solution with merged diverse requirement and various data source. It is available to analyze information with real time operation by in memory computing and unify fixed and unfixed data, provide data governance tool so that all users in organization can access relevant information by themselves. Also, it provides high quality information no matter where data is existed. Therefore, user can make decision efficiently.
BO products
Function and

Crystal Reports

If you use Crystal report from SAP, you can access to data which is distributed to separated systems by intuitive interface, design report by easy communication type function, publish report and include application in report as well

· Superior reporting - Modifying raw data to professional report by easy communication type inquiry
- Using intuitive design circumstance to make out a report rapidly · Perfect and flexible data access - Accessing to data direct or business friendly layer(universe) to use various data source · Delivering high performance and huge contents - Providing easy to use customized report wherever user is being
- Available to provide huge report to organization


You can use data safely and easily by dashboard through real time data connecting to backend system. After then, you can share it simultaneously via Microsoft office, Adobe PDF, web, SAP Crystal report and SAP BOs Business Intelligence platform or SAP portal.

· Hi-end communication type function - Chasing operation's trace through real time dashboard by all user
- Optimizing successful decision making by scenario plan of what-if analyzing · Best flexibility - SAP BO universe, SAP Net Weaver Business Warehouse and others
- Visualizing operating status and asset of information by connecting to data sources like
- Including dashboard in portal, report, presentation and PDF as well as integrating
- Expanding dashboard to include customized visual factor by using SDK
- Providing various components and including visualized dynamic images based on Flash · Dashboard which is providing new idea - Being intuitive visualized for user to solve data complexity based on usual visual element library
- Available to design Drag and drop and free style type dashboard

Web Intelligence

SAP BO web intelligence provides powerful and intuitive interface so that user who is not business analyst and IT specialist can ask repeated business question to BO about own data immediately. User can access to data source and prepare the report through easy drag and drop method to answer question

· Intuitive Ad-hoc query, unfixed formed reporting and analyzing - Accessing to intuitive and interactive analyzing function by arranged tool bar, polished chart, contest menu and drag and drop function
- Appointing form, segmenting and analyzing data
- Asking question without place limitation, analyzing data, recognizing current staus · Self service access to information - Getting unified data access through different data source
- Complementing current company information by insight of gathered data
- Securing an answer against business problem by modifying different data source · Sharing reliable insight - Using business protocol with semantically layers(universe)
- Securing transparency of data source and objectivity of report's details
- Sharing interactive report with colleagues, clients and partners safely

OLAP Analysis

SAP BO analysis and OLAP version provides latest web interface to realize below

· Depth of business insight - [Multidimensional analysis]
Securing an answer against business question by interaction and researching through multidimensional analysis
- [Powerful analysis function]
Available to analysis deeply by using wide scope business and time calculation

· Optimized IT investment - [Recycling contents]
Re using query which was used by SAP NetWeaver BW cube and SAP Bex (business explorer)
- [Unifying Platform]
Launching SAP BO analysis with other business analysis solution included in same platform
- [Variety circumstance]
Accessing to multidimensional data source which is available to use in organization


SAP BO Explorer is available to grasp cause of an answer against business query and response immediately by searching business information through searching based on natural searching key word.

· Easy to searching internet - [Searching infra such as Google level]
Appearing most relevant business information based on automatic scoring after inputting several searching key word
- [Searching through all BI resource and data source]
Searching through SAP BO BI platform and data source which is accessed to its platform
- [Self service access to relevant information]
Searching data by yourself without any defined report and query

· Reliable powerful BI - [Easy to search data]
Appearing most relevant searching result with key word firstly during searching
- [Intuitive visualization]
Providing insight without data model and knowledge by automatic creating suitable chart solution for visualization
- [Sharing reliable insight]
Sharing analyzed data through e-mail, installed URL and familiar BI type application easily

· Rapid arrangement - [Maximized use of current BI]
Reusing current meta data of SAP BO BI platform, security and management service
- [Unneeded education for business user]
supporting user intuitive function to start to use without any training