Introduction of dynaSight

Famous BI vender Arcplan in German developed dynsight to realize variety BI system architectures and it has been used by more than 1,800 companies so far. It was applied to more than 200 major company and huge enterprise for EIS and realizing variety BI application in Korea.

Most of OLAP clients and packaged products are not fit for integrating legacy data and user interface of diversity when management level tries to import variety information through web. The reason that many company chose dynasight is hard to imitate web UI by other competitor, visualized and detailed graphic performance, customizing capacity to receive customer's needs and powerful connectivity which can be connected with any data source
Structure of dynaSight

dynaSight has ideal structure to provide excellent expandability and fusibility

· dynaSight Developer is - Developing tool for creating current insight application as a application development environment · dynaSight Server is - Core module to execute dynaSight service to manage application connectivity which is connected through internet and intranet as well. · dynaSight Administrator is - Distributing developed application to dynaSight server and installing as well as managing relevant module. · dynaSight Connector is - Supporting module for interface of various source data such as RDBMS, OLAP and applications · dynaSight Client GUI is - Interface which is inquiring applications from server by end user for sharing it with organization.

Function and

dynaSight is providing Hi-end flexibility for realizing various BI system and satisfying various requirement of user. dynaSight are consisted by core factor with current inSight and it still contains all functions and flexibility as well as it is improved for server function. dynaSight lets user approach to all information without any programing and user can recognize all information by few of mouse clicking.

There is no limitation to express data result with current data source. It means that data can be modified as table, text, graphic and images as wll. Administrator can use drag and drop to approach data easily. Obeject and object library support user from approaching database to creating graph.

Convenient object oriented development environment

dynaSight provides table, chart, graph, button, calculation for data sheets with convenient object oriented environment of no programming and those can be composed by easy mouse dragging.

Powerful visualization

Current OLAP tool or packed product were hard to realize graphic interface however dynaSight is possible. It provides various objects such as full enough graphic, table, gauge and chart for data expression. Through it, developer can create powerful analysis screen based on JAVA not only on C/S but also on web environment so that end user can develops detail analysis sheet.

Supporting connectivity for various source data

It is possible to connect to almost all existed data and connect data sources from various channels in one analysis sheet simultaneously.

· Connecting ODBC/OLE for RDB or all RDBMS by its connector · Connecting BI platform such as Hyperion, MS IBM, Oracle, SAP, MicroStrategy, Applix · Connecting connector for other application such as SAP R/3, Hyperion Enterprise and etc. · Connecting standard such as XML, XML for Analysis, LDAP and etc. · Unifying it as one source with text, Excel as well as internet information

Searching, reporting and working in cooperation

It is supporting not only reporting and printing for analysis result but also exporting Excel and PDF. Information delivery is possible Via E-mail. Also it is searching information in application by key word typing.

Promptness of development and managing changes

Convenient object oriented development environment does not need any programing and scripting. Its work and data sheet can be recycled through library and those are re used onto other application. Saved object in library can be shared with other team mate and possible for cooperating development all together. Through this convenient development circumstance, it guarantees more performance than existing BI product especially on developing same data sheet.

Realizing various business application

dynaSight can build up various business application by demand of working field through high performance developing environment including flexibility, visualization, integration, customizing performance. In the other words, it can be applied on standard quarry, reporting, managerial accounting, balanced scoreCard, compliance and etc.

· Dash board for BOD member(EIS) · Sales controlling, finance alalysis, CRM analysis and etc. · Planning and Budgeting · Balanced Scored Card(BSC) · Risk Management

High performance expandability and providing convenient management method

inSight license is only for one listed user. However, dynaSight is for concurrent user, therefore it is more efficient to purchase dynaSight license if there is multi user

· inSight VS dynaSight inSight is core module for developing application and it is working in structure of dynaSight. inSight is provided to small and medium company as dynaSight SMB currently. There is differentiation between using only inSight and dynaSight together.

[Providing high performance more than application based on Web]

dynaSight has more powerful expandability, usability. It is possible to be realized as thin client because it is published based on web server by using DHTML or JAVA applet as well as unified with other application such as ELP and etc.

[TOC saving]

dynaSight is possible for efficient monitoring by added administrator module. System security function is more powerful by unified management and it saves cost and efforts for managing system.