Introduction of QlikView

QlikView is new type BI tool and developed by Swedish company QlikTech in 1993. QlikView is business discovery platform that Its interactive application is needed for structure which should be available to response any kind of business query as perfect BI tool.

QlikView is available to unify, modify, transform and load data from diversity data storage as well as called in-Memory data store. It can supports user to analyze data delicately from variety server with simultaneously connected user world widely without any transmission load and its system can be operated on almost all kind of mobile equipment as well.
QlikView Structure

QlikView is available to use various type of data as data source such as ODBC, OLEDB file, Custom data, XML, SAP, Salesforce and create View and document with data modeling. Data reloading, security, administering and distributing contents to end user are operated on server side and business user can access to contents through web and mobile device.

Function and

Powerful In-Memory function

It guarantees faster speed than hard disk and provides stable service without transmission load so that it can response immediately even thousands of user rushes to data of hundred millions record.

Low cost solution

It guarantees high ROI because of fast time to complete project within 1 week or 30 days against existed static data(Mart, Cube). Just several clicking is enough to analyze associated analysis. It can modify specific indicator dimensions in few seconds without limitation.

Mobility function

It supports to approach to mobile device such as iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android device and provide touch interface based on web browser.

Unified BI structure

QlikView includes dashboard, analysis and reporting tool in one architecture.

Processing by just click

It is easy to use hidden system attribute data analysis by following and clicking intuitive menu for inquiry, operation, analysis.

Efficient approaching to data

QlikView differs from other BI and Cube. It approaches to various source data directly to collect data and supports you to analyze variously.