Flexius is expanded component to meet customer's requirement not only for basic components(chart and graph)

Characteristic of

Flexius has very flexible and easy to use interface to realize high quality interactive dashboard and data visualization rapidly and we can provide customized dashboard against customer's requirement with various components.

· Strong point - Providing visualized function which current components can not realize
- Easy to add up various function by add-on management function from BusinessObjects dashboard
- Possible to reuse in further because it is component type · Case study - Easy to apply it onto current theme
- Providing most visualized interface based on basic component's elegance and various image working
- Displaying all intention of user and setting up motions

Factors of

Flexius is organized by component for screen, function such as Excel

· Visual Component - Calendar_Month   :   year / month type calendar
- Calendar_Date   :   year / month / day type calendar
- CustomDataGrid   :   multi header grid (table)
- CustomTreeDataGrid   :   layer type grid(table)
- TreeComboBox   :   layer type combo box
- CustomLineChart   :   unified chart
- CustomExcelExport   :   downloading excel
- CustomPieChart   :   pie type chart
- CustomAreaChart   :   unified territory type chart
- CustomWaterfallChart   :   waterfall type chart · Functions - Dfsplit   :   Separating data based on specific value
- Dfvlookup   :   Function such as excel's "VLOOKUP"
- Dftextmax   :   Returning most big value from specific cell territories
- Dftextmin   :   Returning most small value from specific cell territories