SeedVDI is totally different from other virtual desktop platform and served to customer since year 2010. It shows up high performance on controlling authentication of file, connectivity with company HR system, requesting channel changing, S/W installment, downloading file, changing OS freely and total managing resource. SeedVDI makes user to be available chasing resource, securing visibility, control and managing resource in one screen to manage virtualized IT resource(server, storage, network, desktop and application) as well as SeedVDI supports virtual system and image life cycle.

Overall and efiicient vitual circumstance Management
Providing dasjboard which shows collected visual information from virtualized resource, stucture, connecion and change between resource though various Hypervisor.
And Controlling
Providing record of creating, deleting and assigning resouce as well as time fot assigning resource and saving personnel expenses.
Automation Providing operation process of cloud computing, resource provising, physical resource and virtualized resource automation funtion
Providing security funtion for various virtual enviroment Providing managing function for weakeness between virtualized in equipment Preventing leaking confidential issues of company by chammel management Efficient security policy thorough total management in AD group
Providing total management function for server, network, Hypervisor, virtual machine and its trafficM
Showing up physical resource and virtualised resource all together on one screen

SeedVDI products are consisted by 4 major territories of controller, agent, VDI web interface, unified managing console to manage virtual desktop infrastructure efficiently. Controller has a roll to control general process of SeedVDI. Agent is processing fit function for AD, DDC and VD. VDI web interface is integrating portal service for VD user and legacy system. Unified managing console is providing visualized management point for efficient virtual desktop infrastructure management.


SeedVDI points to automation, unification and effectiveness as well as supports all working process in virtual circumstance.

01. Process automation SeedVDI provides auto provisioning to integrate with HR system and groupware and non stop function for 5 operation flow from user configuration to distribution. 02. Channel controlling and reinforcing security SeedVDI provides security of company by channel controlling and virtual desktop authentication for user. 03. Monitoring and dashboard It is easy to manage and operate without any professional knowledge about virtual desktop infra by unified console Trinity 2.0 which is managed on one viewer. 04. Self service via VDI portal SeedVDI provides virtual portal for user to process virtual service work(individual VD connection, requesting needed resource and S/W) and supports Sign in process, certificate, OTP, SSO, ID/PW for logging. 05. Multi Hypervisor in the only Korea SeedVDI supports multi Hypervisor(Xen server of Citrix, Hyper-V of MS, VMWare and etc) simultaneously. 06. Unified managing tool SeedVDI provides trustful and consistent virtualized management tool(Trinity console and etc) and gives you to manage physical/virtual resource distribution, status and motions as well.

Comparison with
other products

SeedVDI supports process which other HyperVisor solution venders can not provide in virtual desktop infrastructure for customer's circumstance. SeedVDI is the solution to control VDI's environment and manage efficiently. It is supporting to integrate between HyperVisor, communication and Legacy system.