SeedMDS is transmission solution for changing from different huge data of managing servers and systems to suitable protocol such as sync/ async / broadcasting type for destination system. It has strong point for real time data sharing, reducing network traffic, supporting various protocol and unified In/Output channel by MDS solution as well as it is used for MIS and logistics ERP and supporting various architecture, supporting server performance increasing and guarantying message procedure. Every encrypted message and log in function can avoid hacking issues and its message transmission's range can be reached 100M through various transmission types.


SeedMDS is consisted by MDSS(server) and MDSC(client). MDS is realized by Non-blocking server to guarantee real time message transmission and mass transaction more than 100M. Also, to guarantee reliability of data, it is available to synchronize interface with various authentication system and verify message. MSSC is supporting various Charset to process data from different system and reducing client program traffic by multi view channel communication.


Supporting various architecture

· Managing synchronous / asynchronous transmission by messages alternatively · Managing Message Broadcasting / Multicasting alternatively · Providing operational environment to select receiving client by BIZ Client / SVC Client alternatively · Providing operational environment to guarantee procedure of business / business which response should be proceeded before procedure

Stable transmission

· Guarantying message procedure with increasing performance of server · Confirming message code of receiving client · Dispersion of SVC Client traffic


· Encrypting message · Authorizing code · Log in function


· Supporting various message transmission type to accept various needs · Supporting all message type · Expandability for various protocol

Mass transmission

· Stable mass message transmission(more than 100M)


Most of enterprise is concerning to reduce TCO through constructing unified working circumstance(including mobile) by message delivery solution like MDS so far. Below are our practical examples MDS to meet a needs of clients