SeedRule is new generation business development and operating solution with Rule Engine based on knowledge inference. It is defining working process as rule so that person in charge can operate and manage it without any coding procedure as well as it is easy to change in/outside company system through business logic which was decided on UI without any complex system changing whenever organization and law are changed. It is consisted by development circumstance(Builder, Simulator) and operational Circumstance(Rule Engine, API, Rule server, Rulebase) as well as application constructed by SeedRule is increasing maintaining performance by the person in charge's managing Rule. You can expect powerful rule performance by remarkable Rule Engine.


SeedRule is consisted by RBMS development and operational circumstance Builder among RBMS is visualized Rulebase construction managing tool and simulator is testing through simulation under development circumstance before deploying. RBMS development circumstance is consisted by Rule Engine, Rule Server and Builder Engine. Rule Engine is activating automatic searching / executing and showing up high performance with processing 10,000 Rule by applying 100% Pure JAVA architecture. Rule Server creates plural Rule Engine, manages totally and decreases overload of server by load balancing. Builder Engine operates Rule Base by constructing fancy and delicate FLEX


Saving Time and cost


Easy to recognize working flow by similarity of excel skill and top down type for Rule applying procedure

· documentation of applied work · Sharing Business logic · Easy transferring of business

Working efficiency

The person in charge who understand Working policy can make working policy as a Rule and realize it on RBMS. System developer can charge DB searching Rule and Rule I/F so that each of work efficiency can be improved

· system operation by actual person in charge · No necessity to transfer work Knowledge to IT developer · Rapid applying when job change · roll separation between person in charge and system developer

Development productivity

No need to compile and amend program by separating business logic from working program Available to simulate and test Rule before deploying on actual work

· decreasing era by full enough test · Rapid applying when job change