SeedFrame & SeedGen are JAVA frame work and source creator based J2EE. It was hard to recognize progress is going well against purpose of developing intention without system developer. SeedFrame creates source code through screen details which is applied developer's intention well to provide optimized condition to maintain result of design and current development patter simultaneously. SeedFrame is providing most suitable solution to develop high quality software, to reduce discrepancy between design and realizing as well as project managing function with proved software architecture.

SeedGen creates activating program after 7 procedures above By integrating SeedFrame and SeedGen. It is providing most suitable working environment based on IBSheet solution of X-Internet

Layer Structural elements Role
client IBSheet X-Internet solution
Data Presentation role
Integrating with data of MS Office group
View Velocity Template engine based on JAVA
Separating HTML and JAVA code to maintain efficiently
High speed for page movement
- JSP : 54 pages / sec , Velocity 112 pages / sec
SiteMesh Webpage Layout and Decoration Framework
Continuing consistent look and feel, navigation and layout of site
Control Spring Creating object, activating it through XML
configuration without changing code
Model iBatis SQL Maps framework
Helping to reduce quantity of JAVA code to approach database relation type
Mapping JAVA bean on SQL article by using XML