(Operation Logic Manager)


Integrated Management Solution for Business Operation Logic Operation Logic refers to knowledge and rules required in performing specific tasks in organizations. SF OLM refers to a management solution that defines operation logic information for each operational task in a standardized way and manages them systematically by saving into one repository. Through this solution, it should be possible to enhance operational consistency (standardization) and improve product qualities.

Operation Logic Architecture

SF OLM System Components

For defining the architecture of Operation Logic information, it provides Configuration, Communication, Operation Logic Contents Management, Analysis and Control, Contents Change and Management and adapters for managing IF to various systems

System Components Detail


· Object Master
· Modeling Template
· Architecture
· Dimension
· Report
· Change Management
· Board, View


· board
· Forum
· CoP

OL Contents Management

· Structure Definition
· Correlation / Attribute Definition
· Managing Attachment
· Web Modeling
· Reporting / Statistics

Analysis and Control

· Change Impact Analysis
· BI / EW(ICW) Linkage
· Multidimensional Analysis
· Improve Management

Change Management

· Managing
 Content Change
 Request / Approval
 / History


· HR System
· BI

Main Features

Operation Logic Architecture

  • · Defines various architectures such as Processes /Tasks /Systems
  • · Manages each hierarchy structures and properties, managing departments, managers and attached files
  • · Configures various dimensions such as Corporations/Businesses/Organizations/Regions & Filters contents
  • · Manages correlation between processes, tasks, systems and tasks rules

Web Modeling

  • · Installs No-Plug-in and No Client
  • · Defines custom setting for model types & Configures symbol
  • · Supports multi-languages and various modeling methods such as Swimlane, BPMN, etc.
  • · Enables two-way IF for information of process models, architectures and properties

Various Reporting Features

  • · Generates various types of reports such as Process Definition, BPML, Job Manual, etc.
  • · Generates reports in various formats such as Excel, Word, PDF, etc.

Operation Logic Change Management

  • · Change process and history management for new/changed items
  • · Manages grouping for changed items in each project units
Scope of

BRP / PI / ITA Project

· Provides Quick-win process repository building methodology (know-how)
· Analyzes As-Is Process & Designs To-Be Process
· Manages Process versions
· Registers and manages Process Improvement Tasks
· Provides abundant statistic information of processes

Process/ IT System Implementation & Control (esp. ERP Project)

· Synchronizes Process and System
· Manages development outputs
· Analyzes Process Tracking & Coverage in systematic perspective
· Supports end-to-end integrated test (scenario)
· Provides Change Management system between Processes and Systems

Task Manual System

· Integrates tasks knowledges such as rules, templates, manuals, etc. based on process
· Provides tasks information integrated with the traditional way of on-site workers
· Provides search view for tasks-knowledge adapted for tasks characteristics
· Provides CoP that enables on-site workers to share and utilize tasks-knowledge
· Manages various Change Management systems that sustains up-to-date tasks-knowledge


· Distributes & Manages Standard Process Template for Global Company
· Manages process for each foreign branches, which reflects local characteristics
· Supports multi-language including English, Chinese, Japanese etc.
· Defines process managing tasks each for headquarters and foreign branches
· Controls Standard Process integrated with Audit system